Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the top questions asked about the retirement lifestyle at Alondra Residences. Simply click on each question to see the response. If you’d like further information, please get in touch, as we’d love to hear from you.

1. What is Alondra Residences?

2. Where is Alondra Residences located?

3. What does Alondra Residences offer?

4. How many and what type of retirement living apartments are available?

5. Can I make changes to my apartment?

6. Can my family and friends come and stay?

7. What parking is available for my visitors?

8. Is my pet welcome?

9. What extra storage will be available?

1. How much do the apartments cost?

2. What costs are associated with purchasing an apartment?

3. What costs will I pay whilst I reside at Alondra Residences?

4. Who pays for electricity, phone and internet?

5. Will I need insurance?

6. What contracts will I receive when purchasing a retirement village apartment?

7. Is purchasing at Alondra Residences the same as buying a house in the residential real estate market?

8. How does a Licence to Reside arrangement work?

9. What is an Ingoing Contribution?

10. What is an Exit Fee?

11. How can I find out more?

1. What in-house services are available?

2. Can I order extra services?

3. If I go on holiday, will my home be OK?

4. What social living services are available?

5. What does the in-house concierge do?

6. What technology support is provided?

7. What health and wellbeing services are included?

8. What happens if my health and wellbeing needs change?

9. What security is provided?

10. Who will look after the building and maintenance?

1. Is retirement village life for me?

2. What social and recreational activities are available?

3. What sorts of activities can I enjoy within Alondra Residences?

4. How close is the nearest public transport?

5. How many shopping centres are within easy strolling distance?

6. What restaurants, cafés and other entertainment are at my fingertips?